Email Marketing strategy

With new companies and websites, springing up like mushrooms all over the internet, waiting for customers to grace you with their presence on your website is a very primitive way of doing things. One needs to invite customers, even entice them, and the best way to accomplish this is through email marketing. We are not talking of flooding your customers with spam mails but of endowing them with the choice to opt-in for notifications and alerts that they would only be too glad to receive.

Our Email Marketing Services includes :


It doesn’t have to be a boring newsletter but something like a news alert that keeps your customers updated on your products. This gives you a strategy to keep your customers and clients in the loop with respect to your services. Your clients as well as potential clients will know that you are ready to offer what they want or might want and all they have to do is look under their noses, because that’s where you’ll be with these constant news updates. So, by just sneakily ‘enlightening’ them about your services what you are actually doing is attracting them into availing them. This creates a perfect amalgamation of interesting content that the consumer is glad to receive, and the information about your services which fulfills your agenda of increasing your customer base.


There are only two kinds of customers, the ones likely to buy from you again and the ones that are not. While the latter constitute a different issue altogether, it is the former that we capitalize on while introducing something like promotional emails into the email marketing agenda. Promotional emails subscriptions are usually done by customers who are interested in your company. And it is one’s duty to keep them interested and satisfied and in the same breath, find a market for one’s products and services. There are a lot of elements that constitute an appealing promotional email and if reading this paragraph has convinced you of the importance of email marketing, then you can count on us for steering you through it.


Even after the emails have been sent, we offer you the resources and technology to track these emails. This can be really helpful in determining their effectiveness, so that measures can be undertaken for their optimization. Our resources can help you track the number of emails that were opened, the number of times they were viewed, the amount of time they were viewed for, the links that the user clicked and the product or services that were bought from the website. Additionally, we can also A/B test email templates by sending out emails to sample population and analyzing the elements that performed the best. Availing these services can work wonders for your email marketing.